Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Theory Behind Fibro Diets

There are several theories behind fibromyalgia, but not too many doctors have taken the time to really study and figure out what causes fibromyalgia. The few that have, all agree on one thing--fibromyalgia is caused by a build-up of something in the muscles and body tissue. What they disagree on is what it being built up. Some doctors say it's toxins, some say it's phosphates,  some say it's actually bloating from water, and some say it's due to gluten intolerance. With all of these theories it's no surprise that there are several diets, treatments, medications, exercises, and options for patients to attempt to find relief.

Read about all of the diets here! I combine all the fibromyalgia diets to create healthy meals for every diet. If you have fibromyalgia, know someone with fibromyalgia, or just want to be healthy this blog is for you!

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